Please Help Us, Is This Voice Saying "Yanny" Or "Laurel"?

Get ready for "the dress" 2.0.

Oh no, it's happening again. Another one of those viral "this or that" posts has started circulating on Twitter and soon it will begin to drive wedges into your families, your workplaces and even your relationships.

But we really need to know... is this voice saying "Yanny" or "Laurel"?

The video, which looks to have been an Instagram poll, was posted to Reddit three days ago before it was then picked up on Twitter where it has started another epidemic like BuzzFeed's ridiculously viral "What colours are this dress?".

Here's what happened to us: we saw the post, had a little listen and definitely heard "Yanny". After two listens, "Yanny" began to slip through our fingers and "Laurel" bombarded our ears to the point where "Yanny" was just a faint memory of what once was.

And it's driving people insane.

What team you're on can actually be down to a few factors including your age and also how you're listening, because it's all down to the pitch at which you're hearing the clip. More than likely both "Yanny" and "Laurel" are being said in the clip and depending on what frequencies you're pickin' up depends on which will be more prominent in your ears.

Shifting to a lower pitch, for most people, reveals the "Yanny" sound and a higher pitch leans toward a clearer "Laurel". Some users online have suggested that the reason younger people are more likely to hear "Yanny" is because as we get older and our hearing gets progressively damaged we struggle to hear higher frequencies.

There's a really great video from Nerd It Up who, initially a staunch #TeamLaurel member, captures the exact moment he hears "Yanny" for the first time.

So tell us, which one do you hear?

Featured image: Twitter @CloeCouture.