Carrie Bickmore Fights Back Tears After Watching Brave 12-Year-Old Dealing With Tourette Syndrome

"He's so frigging remarkable and so eloquent."

On Tuesday's episode of The Project, the show featured a package about two Aussies who have Tourette Syndrome.

12-year-old Cameron Schubert was diagnosed with the neurological disorder when he was only nine, developing vocal tics, making noises and forming habits like licking his fingers.

Speaking to The Project Cameron's parents said they initially didn't understand -- and attempted to break what they thought were simply bad habits.

"We would say to him, 'You need to try and stop that, it's a habit, you need to break that habit,'" Cameron's mum Diane said.

"Obviously looking back that would have been really hard for him because he can't do that."

According to the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia the disorder can begin to present in children as young as two, and can affect up to one in 100 children.

Despite his young age, Cameron has a great outlook on his condition.

"I stay positive by thinking to myself there's nothing wrong with you, you've just got a little condition -- don't try to hide it or I'll be hiding who I truly am."

Back at the desk Carrie was fighting tears saying, "I hate seeing any kid having to struggle through anything but he's so frigging remarkable and so eloquent".

Cameron's bravery and ability to speak about his struggle affected the entire panel with Tommy Little saying, "When you look at that story, that's just a story of an incredible 12-year-old".

"A 12-year-old who has more composure, more intelligence, more empathy than any 12-year-old I've seen. And sure he's got a hurdle but he's taking that hurdle on and absolutely crushing it."

The Project airs 6.30 Sunday to Friday on TEN and tenplay.