Lily Allen Relives Getting Carried Out Of Awards Show After Accidentally Snorting Ketamine

Ah, 2008. What a time.

When a tweet began circulating online asking users to share the "best reason" they had been kicked out of an event, club or building no one could have imagined we would get the history of some iconic photos of Lily Allen being carried out of the 2008 Glamour Woman of the Year Awards.

In 2008 Allen was just your average pop-star, with bright pink hair and a dress adorned with the image of a Bambi-like deer spurting blood from the neck.

Lily Allen at the 2008 Glamour Woman of the Year awards
Nothing says "Glamour" like deer murder! Image: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Despite her charming and timeless red carpet look, it was images of Allen being carried out of the event, passed over a railing, that really stood the test of time.

In a response to the tweet, Allen decided to clear the air about the iconic snaps of her, seemingly passed out, still clutching her Glamour Award.

"Someone gave me a line of what I assumed to be cocaine," the "Not Fair" singer tweeted.

"It turned out to be Ketamine. I was thrown out (passed over some railings) of the Glamour awards for being in a k hole."

According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, ketamine is commonly used by doctors and veterinarians as an anaesthetic, while being sold illegally for its hallucinogenic effects.

Allen then followed up her initial tweet by sharing a few memorable snaps of the moment.

When the paparazzi heard of the state she was in her assistant sent the cab off, and followed her home. Allen was apparently looked after by talk-show personality Alan Carr, Sam Sparro and her brother Alfie - who jumped in on the thread.

After receiving some backlash from folks on Twitter who believed Allen should be a better role model, she began firing back.

In December last year Allen released "Trigger Bang", the first single from her upcoming album No Shame which describes her past drug use.

Lyrics include describing cocaine as "numbing the pain when the shame comes," while the 33-year-old sings about cutting people out of her life that could be triggers for toxic behaviour she dabbled with in her past.

Featured image: Getty Images / Twitter @lilyallen.