MasterChef's Metter Chin Defeated By The First Pressure Test But Isn't Giving Up

We asked the recently eliminated king of smiles all about his time on the show, what's next and who he thinks has the talent to go all the way.

Despite being a fan-favourite in just a few short episodes Metter Chin struggled with the first pressure test, making him the second to be eliminated this season after Brett last week.

While he may not have made it too far into the top 24, Metter's unfailing optimism still couldn't be contained.

Speaking to ten daily the 54-year-old was brimming with pride for the other contestants. "My favourite moment was being there for the contestants when they had a tough day," Metter said. "Then seeing them succeed the next day.

MasterChef Season 10 Metter Chin
Second eliminated but first in our hearts, Metter was all smiles all the time.

"We all have the same love for food, everybody's different and everybody's talents are different. By combining interests and our talents... we can have a really great party."

When asked who he thought had the ability to make it to the finals Metter immediately nominated Sashi and Jess.

"Watch Jess. She's only 19 years old but the professionalism is like a fine art," he said.

During the pressure test, Metter stumbled with making the pastry for Maggie Beer's Apple and Rosemary Tarte Tatin as well as cutting his finger which set him behind other contestants Michelle and Samira.

MasterChefAU, Metter Chin, Eliminated
Metter had an unfortunate fumble while slicing apples putting him behind Michelle and Samira.

His only regret was not preparing for the intense environment in the kitchen with the huge clock looming over him, adding more and more pressure. "It all comes down to how you can manage your emotions," he told ten daily. "Everything's going on at a million miles an hour... and you're trying to get a great dish."

Fans were quick to fall in love with Metter during his stint on the show, with his focus on introducing Aussies to his traditional Hakka cuisine.

"A lot of people know about the dishes from Shanghai or Cantonese food. Hakka food is still something quite new in Australia. Not many people know but there are 80-90 million Hakka people all over the world, quite a few of us in Australia."

Hakka people are, as Metter describes, nomads who were thought to have originated in areas of northern China, but slowly began to travel throughout mainland China. Hakka speaking people are now found across the world though it's a cuisine rarely discussed. Something Metter wants to change.

The hopes to educate Australians on Hakka food goes hand-in-hand with getting younger generations of Hakka people in Australia interested in their own heritage also.

"I can see in my nephew and nieces, the language in time is getting lost. It's a shame if they lose their heritage."

After his time on the show Metter went back to Malaysia to see his mum and to remind himself of the flavours and traditional ingredients in the dishes of his childhood.

"What I've learned about cooking is that it's a passion and it's living. It's something that will always be in me and something that's done out of love."

"I'll continue to laugh and cook food and share with my friends and family."

Metter wasn't eyeing a restaurant in the immediate future, but rather sharing his passion through his love of food.

"I'm not closing the notion of owning a restaurant some day, but I'm more interested in getting involved in books, shows or schools," he said about his future plans.

"To revitalise a cuisine, you have to have a way of letting people know about its history."

Proudly managing to work through a series of unfortunate hiccups during his pressure test, Metter was proud to serve Maggie and the judges his tarte tartin. Unfortunately the apples weren't entirely cooked and the pastry wasn't quite right.

Even still, he was able to find a silver lining.

"Maggie told me my custard and ice cream were the best."

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday on TEN and tenplay