JK Rowling Just Perfectly Summed Up Why Australia Should Be In Eurovision

A stage invader, an "absolute cockhead" and another snub for the Aussies!!!

This year's Eurovision finale was a red hot mess as always and that's why we absolutely loved it. Surprisingly JK Rowling herself summed up exactly why Australia's continued presence in the global singing competition is so, so important, because of the cultural contributions we so effortlessly provide.

Was it Jess Mauboy's brilliant performance of "We Got Love"? Nope. It was comedian and Eurovision commentator Joel Creasey's reaction to a stage-crasher that really did it for the Harry Potter scribe.

During the United Kingdom's performance a man rushed the stage stealing the microphone from performer SuRie. Grabbing the mic he reportedly yelled, "Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom".

The audience watching gave the performance a standing ovation, and the competition offered to let SuRie perform again at the end of the evening to make up for the interruption, but she declined. Rowling commended the performer's professionalism throughout the encounter.

Meanwhile, another iconic professional and in true Joel style, the comedian simply summed the protester up as "some absolute cockhead".

After the moment began to go viral it got Rowling's attention and the pair had a very nerdy back-and-forth.

Meanwhile, Australia's actual entrant in the competition, Jess Mauboy absolutely smashed her performance of "We Got Love".

Despite winning 90 points from the jury, the real make-or-break in Eurovision comes down to the televoters where Mauboy received only NINE points.

Europe, why won't you love us?

At the end of the evening it was Israel's Netta who took out the top prize with her truly wild performance of "Toy". Check it out below, it features a bunch of those lucky cats, some truly inspired back-up dancers and lyrics that include the line "I'm taking my Pikachu home".