This Friends Theory About Ross Is Tearing The Internet Apart

Bottom line: Ross is the worst.

Despite ending in 2004 there's no end to the ongoing discussions of one of the most enduring sitcoms of all time: Friends.

Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica and Ross invaded our lives and for 10 seasons were really some of our closest friends. But now a new theory is driving a wedge between fans of the show.

Comedian Emily Heller tweeted out a theory about siblings Monica and Ross, and how their being related was a key to the show's dynamic.

Remembering back, Ross's FIRST (of many) divorces began when he found out his wife Carol was cheating on him with her best friend Susan. Heller wondered if, had Ross not been Monica's brother, the entire friendship group would have defected and been firmly #TeamCarol.

What's interesting about Heller's theory is that other than the initial tweet, she didn't go into any further reasoning defending her case. Probably due to the fact that the show is such a cultural staple to an entire generation, people began to apply their own reasoning to the idea, regardless of if they agreed or disagreed with her.

There were also discussions on if Carol got a free pass for her sexuality, that she was still unfaithful to Ross, it was just also her coming out moment. Still, the entire debate was perfectly summed up by this response:

For what it's worth, Heller (which rhymes with Geller... Coincidence? Which is Jo-incidence with a C) followed-up her initial theory with a disclaimer.

Featured image: NBC.