FYI, Ryan Reynolds Performed On A Korean Singing Show Wearing A Rainbow Unicorn Mask

Just... trust us.

Another day, another insane publicity stunt in the lead-up to Deadpool 2.

This time the film's star did exactly what you'd expect: he went onto a Korean singing show wearing a sparkly cape and glittery, rainbow unicorn mask singing "Tomorrow" from Annie.

Did you catch all that?

A similar set-up to The Voice, the series King of Masked Singers pits celebrity performers against each other while they wear elaborate masks, hiding their true identity. The masks mean judges can't be influenced by the celebrity's status or popularity, they can only go off the talent and performance. Once contestants are eliminated they take off their masks.

So anyway, Ryan Reynolds wore a beautiful unicorn mask and did a stunning rendition of "Tomorrow".

The best part about the entire performance has to be the judges' reactions when he finally took his mask off.

After his massive reveal Reynolds told the judges he didn't tell ANYONE he was doing the show -- not even his wife Blake Lively. He also mentioned he was so nervous to perform that he was wearing an adult diaper. Sounds about right.

He also mentioned the unicorn mask was more comfortable than his Deadpool attire, saying he was going to take it home and we HOPE that's true. Sure, Reynolds is a super handsome dude but he's never looked better as a sparkly rainbow unicorn.

Deadpool 2 comes out in cinemas from May 16 and after releasing an incredible Céline Dion single for the film, as well as issuing an official apology to David Beckham for saying he sounds like he "mouth sexed a can of helium"... we can't see what else Reynolds has in store for us next.

Featured image: MBC.