Marvel Boss Says Plans For First Muslim Superhero Are In The Works

Well, he said they're "definitely sort of" in the works.

With Marvel's Black Panther smashing the box office this year and its first female-led film scheduled to release in 2019, it seems that diversity is finally on its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with the BBC, Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige confirmed that there are plans in place to introduce the character of Ms Marvel, aka Kamala Khan.

In 2013 Khan was marvel Comics' first Muslim character - a Pakistani American teen from New Jersey.

Feige confirmed that Ms. Marvel is "definitely sort of in the works". It isn't the most crystal clear announcement but it is more than we usually get from the super secretive studio.

Introducing Khan would make her the MCU's first Muslim superheros. And it seems she'd be a popular one. Feige's hints that she could be part of the next wave of films might have been vague but they still set the internet ablaze.

There's a long road to go before we find out more, with Ant Man and the Wasp hitting cinemas in July followed by Captain Marvel next year. Then, we'll finally get the follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War where, hopefully, all our questions from the recent superhero carnage will be answered.

Featured image: Marvel / Joëlle Jones.