Dr Dre Has Lost A Trademark Battle With Gynaecologist Dr Drai

"Dr Dre is not a medical doctor."

The U.S. trademark office has handed down a ruling of "No Diggity" in Dr Dre's legal name battle against a Pennsylvania gynaecologist, Draion M Burch aka Dr Drai.

Burch had filed to trademark the name "Dr Drai" to use across his works, products and appearances.

The hip-hop star tried to block the trademark saying it had the potential to cause confusion, with the OB-GYN hoping to use the name to not only market his brand but expand into audiobooks and seminars.

"Dr Dre is not a medical doctor," Burch responded in testimony, "nor is he qualified to provide any medical services or sell products specifically in the medical or healthcare industry".

Burch also rejected the idea that he would benefit from being connected to Dre based on the content within his lyrics.

"This guy is known for misogyny and homophobic things... being part of the LGBT community, that's when I said, you know, 'I cannot be associated with that'.

"And being an OB-GYN, I cannot be associated with anyone that has any kind of misogynistic speech because it's a bad reflection on me as a doctor."

Dr Dre first filed the complaint in 2015 but the ruling last week said the 53-year-old, whose real name is Andre Young, had failed to show that consumers would be misled into buying any of Burch's products.

Burch is a published author of books like 20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina, and 20 Things You May Not Know About The Penis (with bonus oral sex tips included) and has appeared on TV and radio using the moniker.

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