One Of Iron Man's Suit Has Been Stolen And All Eyes Are On Thanos

This is literally the plot of the last Spider-Man movie.

The LAPD are investigating the theft of one of Iron Man's suits used in the 2008 film but realistically this is absolutely a job for the Avengers.

Let's look at the facts here. The suit is estimated to be worth over $300,000 USD and was apparently stolen from a Pacoima prop storage warehouse.

According to investigators, the arms, chest, legs and head of the suit have been missing since April.

Sure, it might be just a regular case of heightened Marvel fanaticism that may have inspired the theft but we probably shouldn't rule out the chances that a super villain's plan is at hand.

Iron Man was the first feature-film to kick off Marvel's now ubiquitous cinematic universe, and starred Robert Downey Jr in the role of double-life billionaire playboy Tony Stark.

The LAPD told The Hollywood Reporter that there are currently no suspects and the case remains under investigation however we absolutely have some ideas as to who might be the culprit.

  1. Thanos. Big bad guy of Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos may hold the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet, but maybe one gorgeous accessory wasn't enough, and he decided to try and go for a more finished look.
  2. Pepper Potts. Iron Man's on-again-off-again business partner and love interest played by Gwenyth Paltrow may have had something to do with it, considering the last time we saw Pepper she was left in a park somewhere as Tony ran off to save the universe for the upteenth time. Perhaps Pepper had enough and wanted to hit Tony where it hurt.
  3. Gwenyth Paltrow. We're just saying keep your eyes peeled on GOOP in case there's some new experimental body steaming treatment that requires a $300,000 red and gold suit.
  4. The Vulture, aka Michael Keaton. Look, it could just be a coincidence but ... stealing Tony Stark's tech was literally the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Your move, the LAPD.

Featured image: Marvel Studios / Disney.