Keith Urban Dishes On The Saucy Song Inspired By Nicole Kidman

It's not every day you hear Our Nicole described as a 'maniac in the bed but a brainiac in the head'.

Keith Urban is back with a new album and in an exclusive interview he spoke to Angela Bishop about the racy track dedicated to his wife of 12 years, Nicole Kidman.

The track, "Gemini", describes Kidman as a "maniac in the bed but a brainiac in the head," who'll "wake you to make love in the middle of the night".

It's a super racy track for the couple, who share a very private life in Nashville, but Urban has described the song as "just a simple, fun, sexy-ass song about my wife".

The song was co-written with Julia Michaels, Ian Kirkpatrick and Justin Tranter and Urban described playing it to his wife for the first time.

"She loved it," Urban told Angela Bishop. "It's very hard to make Nic go red, she's seen it all. She loved the song."

"Gemini" features on Urban's ninth studio LP Graffiti U which he said was inspired by his process in the recording studio, approaching a blank canvas and letting the music speak to him.

While Urban worked with writers such as Julia Michaels there's also a little-known musician by the name of Ed Sheeran on another track, "Parallel Line". Sheeran not only lent his writing chops for the track but also apparently played acoustic on it.

Urban also spoke about the constant impact of tabloid media speculation around his and Kidman's relationship.

"It's hard on the kids," the 50-year-old Country crooner said, "that's what hurts us the most".

"They don't understand, they're like, 'What is this?'... To have them know why this rubbish gets peddled. It's just part of this strange world that we live in."

Brushing off talk about marriage breakups and other gossipy articles online and in print, Urban says he and his family keep sane by seeing it as schoolyard bullying.

"You're taught to just ignore them and get on with your life. The world is full of trolls, it's full of all negative people. It's just trying to always take the high road."

Graffiti U is out now.