Matt Damon Was Spotted In A Ballina K-Mart And This Is Sorta News?

More like Good Bargain Hunting!!!!!!! Sorry.

Stop what you're doing, forget the budget, and who cares about "citizenship" because some real breaking news is happening!

Matt Damon was spotted in a Ballina K-Mart!

Yes the Bourne Identity star was spotted wandering around by Krystle McIntosh, who asked if the 47-year-old wouldn't mind taking a photo with her daughter, Taylah.

Holding two stuffed dogs, Damon obliged.

The image was then shared by Instagram account @balna.nsw where the image of Damon and his 10-year-old fan started going viral. The girl's mum spoke to the Daily Mail, telling them that they recognised the star in the car park before running into him at K-Mart.

"Taylah loves his film We Bought A Zoo," Krystle said, "so we wanted to get a picture with him".

Damon has been in Australia for a few months, which has sparked no less than ten thousand rumours that the Oscar winner had fled the United States as a protest against Donald Trump.

After Aussie press went wild with the rumours that Damon had made Byron Bay his new home the actor's publicist issued a statement saying, "Matt has visited Australia several times recently but he has not bought a house there nor is he moving there".

Damon is no stranger to the down under selfie, just a few weeks ago getting snapped holding a XXXX beer with surfer Tyler Boyce at Double Island Point near Noosa.

Boyce's caption, "I fucked Matt Damon" was a reference to comedian Sarah Silverman's song of the same name.

Damon has also been spending time with Aussie royal family the Hemsworths, spending easter with Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky.

Hemsworth and Damon go way back, taking trips to Costa Rica together and Damon had a brief cameo in the latest Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok.

So there you go. Chances are, if you go outside today you're MORE than likely to see a wild Matt Damon.  We've basically adopted him now.

Featured image: Instagram @balna.nsw.