Childish Gambino's This Is America Is A Chillingly Powerful Statement On Gun Violence

Gambino debuted the song during his SNL hosting gig.

Donald Glover served double-duty on Saturday Night Live this weekend, hosting the show while his alter-ego, Childish Gambino, was the week's musical guest. During the show Gambino debuted two new songs, "Saturday" and "This Is America".

Soon after he performed the song on SNL the 34-year-old actor, writer, singer, rapper, director and producer (to list just a few) dropped a music video for "This Is America" online.

The video is a stunning, horrifying reflection on America's ongoing issues with gun violence, juxtaposing a joyous Gambino wildly dancing with gunning down unsuspecting victims.

The video was directed by Hiro Murai who Glover has collaborated on across other music videos as well as directing a bulk of the episodes of Glover's FX series Atlanta.

It may seem graphic or shocking but what Glover and Murai have created mirrors the constant discourse of gun violence in America. The reoccurring acts of violence, racism and police brutality which are swiftly forgotten, moved aside, the show goes on.

Many noticed Gambino's antics not only create their own narrative but act as a distraction from what's really happening in the background. It begs the viewer to re-watch and to pay attention to what's really going on.

Gambino's video arrives at an interesting time after a much louder voice in the space, Kanye West, has received a massive backlash from fans after he began voicing his support for Trump, even suggesting 400 years of slavery "sounds like a choice".

After he quietly dropped the video for "America" many made comparisons between the two artists.

Gambino hasn't released new music since his LP Awaken, My Love! in 2016. In January he revealed his plans to retire the alter-ego and stop making music after his fourth studio album's release.

"I think if a lot of things had death clauses in them," he told press after winning his first Grammy Award, "we wouldn’t have a lot of problems in the world, to be honest".

"I think endings are good because they force things to get better."

Featured image: Youtube.