Fans Celebrate Star Wars Day While People Can't Help Trolling

May the 4th be with ALL of you Trekkies.

May the 4th has long been considered Star Wars day, and as huge adorable nerds around the world dust off their lightsabers and celebrate one of the biggest franchises in the universe.

Many people were "celebrating" the day with some even revisiting the original trilogy of films that made the saying "May the force be with you" so famous.

Obviously not just an arbitrary date, the first celebrations of the day began around 2008 on social media under the guise of "Luke Skywalker Day" due to the reference "may the force/ May the 4th be with you".

Despite the outpouring of love, celebration and unabashed fandom the day is also a perfect opportunity for trolling, with so, so many good digs at Star Wars fans.

May is a big month for Star Wars fans this year with the upcoming film Solo opening on the 24th in Australia. In the lead-up one of the film's stars, Donald Glover, did a tour of the Millennium Falcon.

Yep, Lando fitted the Millennium Falcon out with a walk-in cape room.

Meanwhile the director of Solo, Ron Howard, mashed together the Star Wars universe with Arrested Development. Howard famously would narrate the opening of Arrested Development so it only made sense for him to do a Skywalker-centric version.

Featured image: Facebook @Netflix / Lucasfilm / 20th Century Fox.