John Oliver Fulfilled Promise To Send Russell Crowe's Jockstrap To Alaskan Blockbuster

As one of the last remaining Blockbusters in the U.S. the store hopes the jock will reignite their business.

Remember Blockbuster? One of the few remaining artefacts of the '90s? A reminder of forgotten times when people used to not only use VHS and DVDs but they'd actually go to a shop to rent them?

Well one of the last remaining Blockbusters in the U.S. has an interesting new gimmick in their attempt to stay open.

Russell Crowe's jockstrap.

Yep, you heard that right. The business was blessed by late-night host and comedian John Oliver, who purchased the jockstrap and a few other items at Crowe's divorce auction, promising to deliver them to Anchorage, Alaska if they wanted them.

Oliver reportedly paid $7,000 for the jockstrap despite it being estimated to bring around $500. The Last Week Tonight host bought other assorted memorabilia he shipped to Anchorage like a hood from Robin Hood, a vest from Les Miserables and the rest of the fighting outfit from Cinderella Man that the jockstrap was worn in.

Oliver promised the manager of the Anchorage Blockbuster the loot if they called the show, in an effort to help their business... and it's so crazy it just might work.

As far as common questions go the number one is probably if the jockstrap has been washed before it was delivered, which the general manager of Blockbuster Alaska, Kevin Daymude, hasn't quite found out yet.

He is sure the jockstrap will be a huge draw for customers though,  noting it as, "The very first jockstrap memorabilia".

Crowe sold off more than $3.7 million worth of art, clothing and items from films he starred in at the auction held earlier this year which was called 'Art of Divorce'.

The actor celebrated his 54th birthday as he auctioned off items from his past saying, "As all collectors might do at some time, I have occasionally laughed at myself and wondered if my collecting passion has slipped into hoarding".

Other items Oliver didn't win in the auction included a 1986 Grammy Award, a chariot from Gladiator, the Doc Martens boots Crowe wore in Romper Stomper and a 19th-century violin used in Master and Commander.

Featured image: HBO.