Cate Blanchett Says Harvey Weinstein Acted Inappropriately Toward Her

"I got a bad feeling from him… He would often say to me, 'We’re not friends'."

Cate Blanchett has finally spoken about her experiences with disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in a recent interview with Variety.

Hollywood has been an industry under scrutiny ever since the New York Times published their report of Weinstein's history of sexually harassing women. Since then more and more women have stepped forward to add their names to movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp.

There's also a growing defiance against a lack of representation across gender, race and creed as well as the ongoing issue of pay disparity.

Cate Blanchette Admits Harvey Weinstein Acted Inappropriately Toward Her
Blanchett believes the changes happening within Hollywood means "We are not going back to ground zero". Image: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

"One of our primary jobs as artists," Blanchett told Variety, "is to be fearless. And I think we’re fearlessly examining the issues in our industry".

Blanchett also talked about turning down a role because she realised there was no way the production would pay her the same as her male co-stars.

"When that remuneration is different, purely because of your gender, that’s just ridiculous. It’s a marker of how much you’re creatively valued within the equation. You want to be valued for your work."

When asked about Weinstein, Blanchett refused to go into detail however she answered the question "Did he ever sexually harass you or act inappropriately" with a sharp, "With me, yes".

"I think he really primarily preyed, like most predators, on the vulnerable. I mean I got a bad feeling from him… He would often say to me, 'We’re not friends'."

Blanchett has been criticised in the past for working with Woody Allen on the film Blue Jasmine, for which she won the Best Actress Oscar.

In 2016 Dylan Farrow penned an open letter for the New York Times which detailed alleged sexual abuse at the hands of her estranged, adoptive father, Allen. It was the first time Farrow had written about the alleged abuse publicly.

In the letter Farrow referred to Blanchett, who was working on Blue Jasmine at the time, asking her, "What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett?"

When asked about the letter in 2016 Blanchett simply commented, "It's obviously been a long and painful situation for the family, and I hope they find some resolution and peace".

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Blanchett called Weinstein a predator, and spoke on working with Woody Allen. Image: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Variety asked the 48-year-old where she stood on the allegations now but she deferred to the judiciary system saying, "If the case has not been properly tried, then it needs to be reopened and go back into court because that’s a place where those things get solved".

Despite stopping just short of saying if she would ever work with Allen again, Blanchett didn't even hesitate to suggest Weinsten would no longer be making films in the future.

"Change is happening within the industry in a kind of positive, unstoppable way that will benefit not just women but everybody in the industry."

Blanchett has several films coming out soon including Ocean's 8 and The House with a Clock in Its Walls but her next role sees her taking up the title of the Cannes jury president.

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