Blake Lively Deleted Her Entire Instagram And Followed 36 Women Called Emily Nelson

Don't worry, it's just for publicity.

We hope you’re sitting down so you don’t faint because Blake Lively has deleted her entire Instagram and unfollowed her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

It’s true, and we know you’re probably too shocked and terrified to read another word but KEEP READING because everything is fine. It’s a publicity stunt for her new movie! Blake will likely be back to her lively updates in no time.

The movie is called A Simple Favor from director Paul Feig, which also stars Anna Kendrick and Henry Golding and is based on a novel of the same name. Lively stars as a woman named Emily Nelson, best friend to Stephanie Ward, played by Kendrick. One day Emily asks mommy-blogger Stephanie to pick up her son from school which she does. But Emily never shows up to collect him later.

Stephanie begins looking for answers as to what happened to her friend, and in doing so unravels a bigger mystery.

Blake Lively Deletes Instagram Only Follows Women Called Emily Nelson
Blake is currently following more than 30 women called Emily Nelson. Totally not creepy at all. Image: Instagram @blakelively.

So a movie about a woman called Emily Nelson goes missing but Blake found a bunch of Emily Nelsons to follow? Tricky...

The stunt has garnered a ton of publicity for the film, which we hadn't even heard of before this, so well done to Blake. It has also probably created quite the boost for the follower count of every woman named Emily Nelson.

What’s next? Anna Kendrick wiping her social media presence to start mommy-blogging?

Actually that would kinda be iconic.

Lively and Reynolds are famous for their social media banter, including all the times they roast each other on Twitter and Instagram so hopefully Blake will be back up and running in no time for all those sassy posts.

A Simple Favor is set to release in the United States in September.

Featured image: Getty Images / Instagram @blakelively.