People Really Want To Bang The Lost In Space Robot

He's turning their software into hardware.

It's not every day that Netflix has to respond to fans being... well... too damn thirsty, but unfortunately that's what's happened here.

Fans of the streaming service's recent Lost in Space reboot began tweeting their attraction, but not to any of the human cast members. Nope, the object of their affection turned out to be... a robot.

The series follows the same premise as the 1965 original, the Robinson family set off on an intergalactic adventure which soon goes awry, leaving the Robinsons stranded. Some might even call them lost. Lost… in space.

The reboot makes some slight changes to the storyline but one change a lot of viewers are picking up on is the aesthetic changes to the robot which becomes close to the youngest Robinson, Will. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Lost in Space you’ve probably heard SOME reference to “Danger Will Robinson!” the robot’s catchphrase.

Yep, people wanna bang the robot.

The thirst for the robot’s artificial curves got so bad Netflix actually responded to it directly.

And you know what’s worse? This isn’t the only weird thing people have decided they’re finding super sexy. The big baddie from Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos? Also been officially deemed “thicc” by the internet.

Oh yeah. Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation, A CLOAK, is also getting a fan club of thirsty internet users.

Sure, it’s a terrible, terrible time to be alive but seriously, some of these robot-lovers make a good point.

Featured Image: Netflix / Emojipedia / Twitter @maltairs.