We Finally Found Out Who Proposed In Paradise And We're Not Crying You're Crying


It was hyped from the very beginning  but believe us when we say we were NOT prepared for the emotional roller coaster of the Bachelor in Paradise finale.

We knew someone was going to propose but right up until the final moments we couldn't be sure just which of the final couples it would be. We just all hoped it was going to be Sam and Tara. And boy did they deliver.

Of the final four couples in Paradise, Jake and Megan seemed doomed from the start. With the looming spectre of Hurricane Florence lingering over their relationship, Megan just couldn't convince herself to go ahead with the commitment ceremony, leaving Fiji early.

That meant only Grant and Ali, Keira and Jarrod and Sam and Tara were facing the big leap.

Keira and Jarrod had a rocky journey, both had been hurt in the past and had their guards up to protect their hearts. Thankfully they made the plunge and it was so, so cute when they finally admitted how they felt about each other.

"How Hot is My Boyfriend!!!!!!!" Keira wrote on Instagram.

Jarrod also shared the pics of the couple on his Instagram writing, "Watching this show back was intense at times but after watching the finale... it showed me how much I love this beautiful girl and how special she is to me".

Both Keira and Jarrod are major characters in the Bachelor nation, and it was honestly so heartwarming to see the pair finally make the jump and get a happily ever after for once.

Then it was all a question of if Grant was going to repeat history and propose in Paradise for a SECOND time. Ali was so keen to hear him pop the question but at the end of the day it was probably for the best.

While Ali and Grant made the commitment to each other during the ceremony and she gave it a shot in L.A., it didn't really work out. As unfortunate as that is, it's actually pretty good news for *us* as it was announced Ali would be the next Bachelorette!

That brings us to the huge moment of the night. Sam and Tara. Quite literally the most unlikely pairing in Paradise. Sam and Tara were brought together in what some would call an act of fate aka Keira. Dubbing themselves the "rebounds", Sam and Tara's relationship began as mates, cheekily chiding each other and having a laugh over a cocktail or fourteen.

It was actually ridiculous to see Sam, who we all remembered from Sophie's season screaming about her boobs and running around in his undies, turning into the most level-headed, romantic bloke on the island.

When Sam revealed his plans to pop the question to Tara even Osher himself couldn't contain his glee.

Sam got down on one knee, the pair of them crying, us crying on the couch into our glass of Shriaz, and asked Tara if she'd marry him, which of course she said yes. And that's when the internet went into meltdown.

If that wasn't enough to make you feel SOMETHING, Sammy also posted the most gorgeous message to Tara on his Instagram.

"You are the most beautiful human I've ever met," he wrote. "You show me every day that love is real. You allow me to be the guy I always wanted to be but never quite could until I found you."

Excuse us, there's just... something in our eye.

Featured Image: Network Ten / E!