Past Masterchef Winners Reveal Their Fave Moments From The Show

You'll be surprised to find out winning is on the top of the list for basically all of them.

MasterChef is coming up to its massive tenth season. It's a major achievement for one of the most intense cooking competitions in the country, with amateur chefs coming from all corners to see if they can become Australia's next MasterChef.

Honestly just the commercials give us anxiety while we eat leftover Pad Thai we didn't even microwave properly, meanwhile these contestants are creating actual works of art with mystery ingredients?!

In the lead-up to the tenth season on May 7, some of the past crowned winners stopped by to tell us about  their personal highlights of their seasons.

Okay, unsurprisingly most of the past winners thought one of the best moment was winning the whole show, but there were also some really great highlights that showed how amazing the experience is.

Masterchef Past Winners Reveal highlights
Elena impressed the judges during their Napa Valley cook, a memory she'll not soon forget. Image: Network Ten

Season 6 winner Brent and Diana from season 9 both talked about the surreal moment of meeting the judges.

"Winning was a major part," Brent said, "but day one... sitting in that room with 50 other contestants trying to get that apron."

"You see the three judges walk out, the guys you've idolised and watched on TV for so many years. It was a very special moment."

There are also the incredible trips contestants can take like when Elena wen to Francis Ford Coppola's winery in the Napa Valley or Diana's trip to Tokyo.

And then there are the heartwarming moments for both season 4 winner Andy and season 1's Julie, it was all about family and friends.

"The people I met, that was the best thing for me," Andy said.

MasterChef Past Winners Reveal Favourite Moments
Diana serving up her Oatmeal Prawns dish during the season 9 grand finale. Image: Network Ten

Meanwhile for Julie it wasn't just winning that was the icing on the proverbial cake but the big surprise that she got immediately after.

"My very favourite memory from MasterChef," Julie said, "was the moment that my family came in."

"At the end, the scores had been announced and we knew that I'd won but I hadn't seen them for a really long time. My little boys and my husband, and when the doors opened and they came in... my heart was so full."

We can't wait to see what surprises season 10 has in store for an all new batch of MasterChef hopefuls.

MasterChef Australia Season 10 premieres 7.30 Monday May 7 on TEN and tenplay.