Bachelor In Paradise Star Deletes Instagram After Engagement Stunt Backfires

Apparently the only thing Leah is engaged to is seeking attention.

She made a splash during her  Bachelor in Paradise  stint with some intense pot-stirring antics, but Leah Costa may have gone a little too far this time. Leah just pulled an extremely cringe-y Instagram stunt (um, for attention maybe?) and sadly, it has resulted in so much of the stuff that she's been forced to delete her account.

A bit of back story: after leaving Paradise, Leah hasn't been shy. She has been more than happy to speak on behalf of other couples on the island and, she has been incredibly careful to flash a mighty engagement ring every time she appeared on TV, in public or well, anywhere.

Despite being coy about both her engagement status and the identity of her potential fiancé, Leah made sure the ring featured heavily in interviews and any posts on social media she made.

Costa has also been linked to Married at First Sight star Jesse Konstantinoff.

Then, on Tuesday, Costa revealed it was all a scam! But not just any scam, a highly intellectual lesson in fake news! Okay then!

Leah Costa reveals engagement was a scam all along
In a now-deleted post Costa claimed she had fooled media and fans with her "power of suggestion". Image: Instagram.

In a now deleted caption (don't worry - we took a screenshot - see exhibit A above) Costa wrote, "In an era of fake news and 'unreal' tv, we are all constantly left questioning what to believe".

"Editing and manipulation are often highlighted when we are discussion [sic] the media. But what about the power of suggestion?"

The caption continued, explaining that the whole sham was actually a carefully constructed ploy to start a conversation about ... emphasis ... or ... truth or something.

"Over the past few weeks I've been positioning you all to buy a particular truth, to try and raise the issue and get you talking about how often this occurs and just how much emphasis everyone puts on their version of truth."

Leah Costa reveals engagement was a scam all along
The 25-year-old 'Bachelor in Paradise' star capped the lengthy post off with hashtags like #fakenews and #manipulation. Image: Instagram.

The caption continued, schooling the public on a truly worthy thought experiment, and included hashtags like #media, #education, #powerofsuggestion, #politics, #fakenews and #noimnotengaged.

Honestly, she has a point. If you present yourself as an engaged person and when asked about it you refuse to comment either way, people are probably going to assume you're engaged. It ain't that deep.

The Instagram experiment didn't go down great, with Leah receiving quite a lot of backlash, which ultimately resulted in her deleting her entire account.

On Thursday she was interviewed on KIIS FM. During the chat she spoke about her desire for privacy. When asked about her dating status she skirted around the question of her boyfriend's identity.

"This is part of the deleting my Instagram," Costa said via phone interview, "I just kind of want some privacy and want to give it some space now".

"Everything's kind of blown up, and we have a bit of a witch hunt happening," the 25-year-old told Jackie O before shooting down the rumors that she and MAFS' Konstantinoff were together.

So there you have it. Leah is DONE with all this media attention so PLEASE don't ask her about her relationship status she will NOT be talking about it unless it's in interviews. She is a VERY PRIVATE PERSON.


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