Christina Aguilera Gives James Corden And Melissa McCarthy Diva Lessons

Xtina was definitely putting the "belt" in seat belt.

James Corden is known for shocking his Carpool Karaoke guests with his big vocals, so it takes a lot for a guest to make him sound like a meek little mouse, but that's exactly what happened when the vocal magnitude of Christina Aguilera joined him for a ride.

Aguilera joined Corden on his drive to work as they belted through some of her incredible hits, but honestly you can barely hear Corden as Xtina absolutely belts the living daylight out of those notes.

It also wouldn't be a solid chat with Xtina without bringing up her humble beginnings as part of the Mickey Mouse Club where she shared a clubhouse with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and -- oh yeah -- Ryan Gosling. Mickey sure knows how to spot talent.

When Corden grilled Aguilera on if there were any young romances back in the day the "Genie in a Bottle" crooner became entirely tongue-tied.

"Um I think- well there was like a me and Britney... were... you know... well- now - you know - there was like a thing back then. It was a good time," Aguilera fumbled before having to admit she was pretty won over by teenage Timberlake.

"He had swag, I have to say. Back then he had swag."

When it came time to smash out "Fighter" Melissa McCarthy quite literally popped up from the back seat to break things down.

McCarthy and Aguilera recently worked together on the upcoming film Life of the Party where McCarthy plays a woman returning to college to complete her degree after her husband asks for a divorce.

Not much is known about Aguilera's role in the film except that she's playing herself (with bright pink hair). The film also stars Maya Rudolph, Gillian Jacobs, Julie Bowen and Jacki Weaver.

At the end of the day it was still all about Xtina's incredible, ridiculous vocals where she even showcased her range featuring notes only dogs can hear.

Make sure to watch the entire clip here, it'll blow your socks off.

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Featured image: CBS / Network Ten.