Peter Capaldi Had Some Very Sweary Feedback For This MP

You don't hear 'Doctor Who' saying "marzipan dildo" every day.

Peter Capaldi appeared on The Project on Sunday night where the panel decided to ask his professional opinion on political matters.

Aside from being the twelfth iteration of the BBC's Doctor Who, Capaldi was also on a series called The Thick of It where he played the incredibly sweary Director of Communications for the Government of the U.K., Malcolm Tucker.

Because he was such a bastion of viscous, filthy one-liners the Project gang couldn't resist asking Capaldi's thoughts on how Tucker would have dealt with Kelly O'Dwyer's unfortunate optics from earlier that day.

O'Dwyer appeared on Insiders where she bungled the question of whether the government were at fault for delaying the banking royal commission.

"I think he would have said that she was as useless as a marzipan dildo," Capaldi said without so much as a second thought.

"We're looking at a total omnishambles there. She was all over the place like a mad woman's shit... and I'm only getting started."

While the panel attempted to collect themselves, Capaldi offered O'Dwyer some assistance in media management.

"I'm willing to help, if you want to talk to me, I'm not Doctor Who anymore!"

The 60-year-old, who is in Australia for the Supanova convention, is stepping out of one of the most famous monikers after three seasons and in doing so has been the impetus for one of the most radical changes to the longstanding series of all time: a female Doctor.

Jodi Whittaker was announced as Capaldi's replacement in 2017 and will be stepping into the TARDIS (and the role) for the upcoming season.

The hugely guarded secret was kept under wraps but according to Capaldi he had cracked the case when his tailor let it slip that the BBC had ordered a pair of his usual pants... in a much smaller size.

Check out the full clip above to hear Capaldi in all his sweary glory.

The Project airs 6.30 Sunday to Friday on TEN and tenplay.

Featured image: Getty Images.