Kanye West Is Back On Twitter And This Is Not A Drill

He's got some inspirational thoughts and he's not afraid to tweet them.

Hold onto your hats, phones and whatever else you have at hand because Yeezy is back on Twitter.

Yep, just like Jesus at Easter, Kanye West has returned to bless us with his incredible thoughts and inspirational messages like, "I asked my friend to design this neck tat for me".

West is famous for deleting his tweets but almost a year ago he completely erased his social media accounts - both Twitter and Instagram - leaving a huge hole in the hearts of fans of his particular brand of existential and inspiring rants.

Over the last few days Yeezy has returned to form without skipping a beat.

It wasn't just fans celebrating the king's return, with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Jaden Smith sending the rapper messages upon his account's revival.

West's use of social media is unparalleled. He mastered Twitter in a way no one else can and can swing from tweeting, "everything you do in life stems from either fear or love," to posting new designs for boots.

West's return to Twitter may signal a new album or collection in the works - although when he and Kim launched their kids clothing line Yeezy was nowhere to be found online. Still, the rumour mills are in full swing trying to decipher what he's on about.

It's also worth noting West only follows one person: his wife Kim Kardashian.

Go and enjoy Kanye's tweets while you still can. They might not be there tomorrow.

Featured image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.