Beyoncé's Coachella Performance Sent the Internet Into a Meltdown

A Destiny's Child reunion, iconic visuals and an ode to black culture and female empowerment. Bey slayed the game.

If your Instagram hasn't already been flooded by photos and shaky videos of Coachella then... well, then you're following the right people.

The massive music festival kicked off last Friday in the Colorado desert, and runs across two weekends, but the biggest moment came on Sunday when headline act Beyoncé not only took the stage but she damn took over.

Last year the pop music giant had to withdraw from the festival as she was still pregnant with her twins Rumi and Sir Carter. When it was announced she would no longer be at Coachella in 2017 the promoters were quick to confrirm Beyoncé  would headline in 2018.

If you missed her performance, which was live-streamed on YouTube via the official Coachella channel, there are a few cheeky versions floating around which you absolutely should check out.

Now, before you get it twisted and start talking about how maybe you don't ~get~ the hype or you ~think she's overrated~ that's fine but KEEP IT TO YA DAMN SELF. Beyoncé didn't deliver one of the best performances in recent history for you to mouth off!!!

Queen Bey smashed out the most incredible two-hour set, flanked with 100 back-up dancers, a marching band and some very iconic special guests. It was also truly historic, not in a hyperbolic way either, as Beyoncé was the first black female headliner in Coachella history.

If that wasn't big enough the entire set was a celebration of blackness, black history and female empowerment.

Beyoncé's performance continued to secure her in place as one of the greatest of all time, using her incredible status to celebrate her heritage, nods to Malcolm X, Nina Simone, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and James Weldon Johnson's Lift Every Voice and Sing.

And then there were the cameos. THE CAMEOS! Bey brought her husband Jay Z on which, sure that's fine, but then she brought out Michelle Williams and Kelly Roland. A true Destiny's Child reunion happened and Twitter slammed that caps lock on and didn't look back.

Sure, that would be enough -- but it wasn't the end of Yoncé's cameos as she was joined onstage by her sister Solange for some incredible Get Me Bodied choreography.

Regardless of what you think about Beyoncé, this performance simply secured her position as one of the greatest musical performers of all time. The way the star is able to effortlessly create spectacles of this immense proportion while being a clear symbol of black and female empowerment is absolutely something to behold.

Bow down, bitches.

Featured image: Getty Images Entertainment / Kevin Winter.