Oscar Winner Lashes Out At Woolies For Bag Check

Dustin Lance Black tweeted, "tourists be warned!" after his bag was checked leaving a Woolies.

Academy Award Winner Dustin Lance Black had a bit of a rough time this week when he had a bag checked during a visit to a Gold Coast Woolworths.

The writer/director is in town supporting his husband Tom Daley at the Commonwealth Games, but on a quick trip to the shops was stopped to have his bag checked.

"Was just accused of shoplifting," Black tweeted on Wednesday, "Thanks for the warm welcome to #Australia @Woolworths! Respect customers' privacy much? Shame".

According to Black he was just trying to buy a banana protein shake when he was approached by three employees who asked to conduct the search. Black reports he did NOT receive an apology but did get a refund for his drink after the whole traumatic experience was over.

It didn't stop there, DLB continued to be outraged well into the following day, responding to tweets on Thursday morning telling anyone planning on visiting Australia to avoid Woolies, or what he called a "very strange place".

"Why is this news?" you may be asking and -- you're totally right -- it ISN'T, but it is giving a never-ending amount of amusement to see all these tweets about an honest-to-god Oscar winner just being so confused that a store would conduct a routine bag search.

Unfortunately for Black, that wasn't the end of his Australian-themed woes with Daley forced to pull out of the individual 10 meters platform event due to a hip injury. The diver and his husband also got shit on by a koala.

Here's hoping their luck turns around as Daley still intends to compete in the 10m synchronised event with Dan Goodfellow, the pair won bronze at the 2016 Olympics. It'll also give Black some time to start shopping at Coles.