Melissa Starling

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Sydney

Melissa Starling holds a BSc (Hons) in zoology and a PhD on dog behaviour, personality, emotions and cognition. She has long had a passion for animal behaviour and animal training that has only intensified the more she learns. She has experience training flighty prey animals as well as bold, opportunistic dogs. Melissa understands that sometimes our animal companions behave in ways that are upsetting and make us feel responsible, frustrated, or unhappy even as we simultaneously feel helpless to change their behaviour. Melissa likes human psychology almost as much as animal psychology.



'We Like To Hug Them' And 7 Other Things We Do That Really Confuse Our Dogs

5 min read

Dog behaviour is extraordinarily flexible -- this is why we can keep them in our homes and take them to cafes with us at the weekend.